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film, film, film…

the photographic kind. No it is not dead, it just smells funny – I found this one somewhere – lol. But everybody is asking why I want to go back, backwards is not progress. But maybe, just maybe I want to entertain a thought that it is – I learned a lot over the last 10 years of digital photography, I can’t deny it, but there is something missing. It’s just like reading a book on kindle – it’s still the same content, it just feels differently. Maybe it’s how my brain was wired for reading when I was little, liking the sound of page turning and having no problem with visually remembering the plot – two thirds of the book, right page, first half bottom left -about that – oh there it was :). I’m pretty sure my kids’ brains are wired completely different – and a book, real paper kind, might soon feel like forgotten past to them, and they won’t have problems recalling the contents of any book read on an ipad. But to me it just feels right. Same with film  – not that from now on I’ll use only that – I want to stay up to date. It just makes you all giddy, no instant gratification of a digital, no rush and no clicking senselessly – film is more expensive – use it wisely :). And after having it developed – no more time spent at the computer editing, I’ll have my life back and some photos will get printed – how perfect! So would you say that maybe, and only maybe(?) it is progress after all 🙂
I recently used my first roll of film, Kodak Ektar 100, after 10 years of digital. It was a little scary (especially that my old film camera doesn’t have AF) and a lot refreshing and I was in awe the first moment I picked it from a lab. Not at my skills, oh no – I was just rushing through those 36 frames to get it to the lab and see with my very eyes the capabilities of film. I’m still in awe.
Till next time.

happy hour

two happy photographers, one helpful employment lady, more crowd, lost raffle ticket (sorry Rashmi – I wasn’t lying – I have good memory for numbers :(), found raffle ticket, too late, too funny, just a happy hour at Jaleo for Community Lodgings volunteer appreciation event.
“Community Lodgings’ mission is to lift families from homelessness and instability to independence and self-sufficiency.” – and what a great mission it is.
It was my great pleasure and privilege  to photograph wonderful families that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet if it weren’t for Jim Dempsey of Community Lodgings and Rashmi of Rashmi Pappu Photography’s invitation to volunteer.  Thanks to both, and to the families who were posing for portraits to be cherished for ever.

ten years later

with a kid, and still fitting in her wedding dress- a round of applause, please!!! – let me introduce the glowing bride on her 10th anniversary. She didn’t have her bridal portraits taken on her rainy wedding day so she decided to be  a trouper, and conquered the mud of Lake Cook, or rather Bog Cook :), in her wellies quite bravely. Thank you A.!! And here is a reveal of what three crazy photographers and one lady in her wedding dress were up to on that perfectly lit evening. Some of my favorites:

Thank you Rashmi for the invite. It was muddy, and a bit smelly, but FUN!

Dorie Howell - Lovely Malina! A was a great subject, wasn't she? I can't wait to here the reaction to the surprise.

mother’s day again

so some musings are due. It’s May 26 and that means it’s “Dzień Matki” or Mother’s Day in Poland, my home country. It brings back a lot of memories from my childhood and a lot of reflections, again:).
I miss my mom – she died of Alzheimer’s 3 years ago at the age of 63. Too soon…I only have some pictures of her from my childhood – she always shooed my father with his camera away. But how I wish I had more. Especially of us together. Hugging, kissing, walking, skating, hanging out in our pajamas the whole day – just together…. I cannot bring back time so now it’s time to think of my own kids, and it’s even more challenging since I’m the house photographer. I want them to have fond memories of our time together and photos will refresh their memory every so often. I feel like I’m running out of time though – they are growing so fast, not so snugly and cuddly any more, so it’s a little testing to show the love when there is so many other emotions mixed in. But those are good, too. I wish I had an unposed picture to illustrate but I don’t – I’ll be better this year, I promise:) But here I am with my lovely not so little ones.

And here is my call to all the moms out there! Don’t wait till you lose weight, be well rested, have a good-hair-day etc. – have a picture taken – of YOU! alone or with kids! Your parents are going to love it and your kids will cherish it for ever. The picture of  the most beautiful mom in the world – you!

And you can win a free session to do just that!

Please go to and “like” my page and then send me an e-mail to saying why you would like to win this “mom session” ( just for you or you and your babies) – less than 500 words please;). 3 contenders will be chosen by June 15th and than we will do a fb voting part. Have fun! Can’t wait to read your stories! Malina

JodyM - Such a great idea Malina!

Malina Stanczak - Thanks Jody – I hope it will work – I hear so many women complain about not being photogenic, me included :), that I want to show them it's not true – I hope I can 😉

wonderful years

I was working on a personal project recently. My father’s birthday was coming.70th. I had ideas and projects piling up for years (yes, you read it right – years!!) and I finally found motivation to tackle one of them.
My dad was our family photographer and he was following us with his camera a lot. And you know what it means – lots of photos,  actually slides, taken on different occasions like vacations, holidays and walks in a park. How priceless is it to have at least some memories preserved like that? I had all the slides scanned for several years already, but never found time to go about fixing them – yes, a lot of time had passed since they were new 🙂 but finally I couldn’t find any more excuses – after some work on some of them, lots on others and none on the rest I sent them to print. I was in awe when I saw them on paper- beautiful, just beautiful and so , so moving…after shedding a couple of tears and promising myself that soon I’ll print them all for my own use I put them in a box and sent them to my dad. Happy Birthday!

More pictures/scans coming soon!