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here is to the crazy ones

“The world has lost a visionary. And there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented” Barack Obama
Rest in Peace Steve Jobs. You will be missed.

nothing twice

Nothing can ever happen twice.In consequence, the sorry fact isthat we arrive here improvisedand leave without the chance to practice. 

Even if there is no one dumber,if you're the planet's biggest dunce,you can't repeat the class in summer:this course is only offered once.

by Wisława Szymborska 
translated by Stanisław Barańczak and Clare Cavanagh

How I wish for a second chance sometimes, simple do-over, or just for no regrets at NOT doing something. And since it is a photographer’s blog I’ll start with pictures. Yes there are regrets in this department too – I photographed a family recently, didn’t think much when taking pictures of two boys being silly and their grandmother trying not to burst into laughter. It was fun and natural, the moments I strive to catch in my photography. And then while editing I looked at those pictures and my eyes got teary. Not that they were that great, I’m the last one to admit  “greatness” of my own work ( let alone cry over it :)!) and there is always room for improvement, but they were GREAT and a thought struck me, and my heart  started aching… I realized I wanted those pictures to be mine, meaning my family in them, my mom with my kids. I realized I don’t have pictures like that…oh how I wish… but there are no do-overs…heartbroken…
Elena – thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me and for …making me cry 🙂

Elena - Thank you, Malina. And you made me cry reading your blog. These are not just pictures – these are priceless memories.

Malina Stanczak - *sniff, sniff* thank you Elena!

rurki z kremem

and a taste well remembered from childhood. And now – it get’s a little teary from here – becoming a taste of childhood of my own children *sniffle*.
What are they? Simply, they are little tubes made out of crispy wafers and filled with  rich whipped cream. Yum. And we found the best spot in Warsaw to get them – Kręcimy Lody Bracia Gessler …And the best man to make them Pan Ryszard – the master maker of rurki z kremem. Thank you for bringing back my sweetest childhood memories and letting my children learn what it was all about :).

at cooks’

or rather ” U kucharzy”- it’s a new restaurant in Warsaw, placed in an old hotel (former Hotel Europejski) kitchen – old kitchen floors, tiled walls, sinks serving as vases; furnished with rustic wooden furniture and serving rustic, Polish, home-made, simple and oh so yummy fare – recommend 🙂 You cannot see the food here , or smell it, or taste… but at least you can see it being prepared – amazing experience!

poland – here we come

…and we landed in Warsaw. Of course there were troubles (just little ones) – 2 hour delay already at Dulles Airport, our starting point, so we had to run like crazy to catch our connecting flight to Warsaw. It was tiring but we got there on time and the fun began.. .and the jet lag of course. 😉 First impressions –  sunny but not hot (yippee!!) – we were prepared for that but it always surprises us how nice the summer can be in Poland – 75F and sunny, with some beautiful white clouds coming and going – just perfect. And it looks so much nicer when it isn’t raining. Tired but happy to have landed ( I’m not too fond of flying) off we went to Old Town. Second first impression – people not so happy 🙁  – a Polish trait I guess. And it is contagious – so sad 🙁

Anonymous - Your photos are so crisp and detailed with rich colors. I also can't believe how long the kids' legs are! Mikhailina

Malina Stanczak - Thanks! Ha ha – they are just disproportionately skinny 😉