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I have a child who’s shy. And camera shy too. I don’t mind. I don’t care. As long as he lets me take pictures like the ones below.

Aga - przepięknie

Malina Stanczak - dziękuję ślicznie

MonikaMM - Lovely – wonderful – precious

admin - Dziękuję 🙂

something different

I love drizzle, fog, rain, haze. Well as long as I’m staying dry and cozy at home or …going on a photo adventure. And as much as I hate Polish weather, being as meteoropathic as I am that’s quite understandable,  I must admit I love how it photographs. I’m partial to the mood it creates. All of a sudden the landscape brings a strong feeling of nostalgia, sad but warm with no regrets. I’ll take a gloomy day over there at any time.


by dance and movement. I’m in awe when I see people dance, move in a controlled way that only dancers (and ninjas) can. All muscles in full rein, body parts easily cooperating with other body parts unlike mine, untrained and awkward. I love to see those moments in between poses, fleeting and hard to see unless with help of a fast shutter speed.
So whenever I have a chance to photograph movement I’ll jump at the opportunity.
And for me it’s a great prescription for a successful session with boys – they won’t sit still, or pose – well, most won’t- but are very eager to show off their skills. Very exciting, and exhausting for everybody involved.
So when my son asked me to photograph his usually shy self I was ecstatic. No, he is not a dancer, or ninja – as much as he would love to be one, but he is one hyperactive boy who won’t sit still for a second. Together we were trying to capture magic and… we did. For real. Look at the picture below and say it isn’t true. I’m still amazed I took it.

So here is motion. Unconventionally still. Boy’s edition.

more pictures to follow in the next post.

holiday cards mini sessions

Neighborhood Mini Sessions! Yes, it’s that time of year already – let’s start thinking about holidays – time to get your cards ready! The cards are the main purpose of those sessions so you can get them  ready to be sent way before all holiday craziness starts!
Here are the details:
Saturday October 29th every 30 minutes starting at 3:30-6 p.m. (Saturday, Nov 5th rain-check)
Meet me at the playground area at Horgan Ct at your reserved time.
Your session will last 25 min and cost $225 (please add 5% VA tax) – within a week you will get:
– a link to your own online gallery with 10 pictures (or more) accessible for 10 days;

– 11×14 print and a digital file of the same
additional prints available for purchase. Free upload of every picture you ordered print of, with no minimum order required! Upload of any additional, unordered picture $50 each.

If you would be interested in other date, time of day – please let me know -maybe there is more people like you so we could make it happen.
For more information on pricing please e-mail me –
Please email me at to reserve your spot or if you have any questions.
Hope to see you Saturday!