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little Julka is growing bigger and bigger every day. She is growing her hair, outgrowing her pants and staying ever so cute while doing it. I, in the meantime, am doing the same except for the cute part ;).

Here are some pictures for a proof; from February:


Connie Cantin - Charlie too? What an adorable little girl!

Malina Stanczak - Thank you! and what an adorable fluffy dog 😀

Agnieszka Simmons - Thank you Malina:) It’s great to have some awesome pictures of her! We are very grateful for all that time u spend with us:)

Malina Stanczak - @[100000059815821:2048:Agnieszka] -any time. Will send you the rest soon… xoxo

i’m back

I read recently, and shamefully it was probably on Facebook, that if you haven’t posted to your blog for several months, you should just go ahead and close it. Wow, that was harsh… to me at least. Firstly – I’m not a “black or white” kind of person. There is plenty of shades of grey, or other colors in between those two extremes. Secondly – it struck a cord…hard. I’ve been neglecting my blog, despite promises to myself and you, that I’ll try to post more often this time – and yes, it was last year! And here I find myself again, in a rut, not only with words, but images, ideas – the blog. Confused and distracted. I’ve been calling it midlife crisis for too long already so maybe now it is finally the time to dig myself out of this hole. And no, it is not about being lazy and unproductive. I’ve been working on many project of my own, photographic and others, and the big excuse of having no time for the blog is not going to cut it this time… I know, I know.  The truth is, the blog writings got sidetracked because all the other projects, yes, but also because of my very underdeveloped decision making skills ;). I simply didn’t know what I should share on my blog and if it should just be photography related, and all the other stuff, life including, was so distracting that it led to procrastination squared. Not a proud moment – if one can call half a year a moment ;).

I was thinking and I decided that no amount of thinking is going to solve this problem. Duh! I just need to start writing and hitting that publish button. Out with a rut, in with ideas, new and old, some never seen work, new and old projects. There will still be pictures of clients, their families, and babies, and kids of course, but there will be plenty of room for sharing on new successes – hopefully, and failures – unavoidable. With a healthy dose (yeah, right!) of anxiety and fear of contributing to digital clutter, I’m starting today. See you soon. Malina
P.S. For those of you , who like me can’t wait for spring this year, here is something to cheer you up – it’s coming, 70F on Sunday, and a picture from last year:

Sally - Lovely image. I get in some ruts with my blog too. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your new work!

Malina - Thank you, Sally – yes, ruts are fun 🙂 and time flies so fast…

Rashmi Pappu - Yay! You are back!

Malina Stanczak - yeah! for now 😉 Thanks for the cheers!

Rashmi Pappu - you must share your photos, even just your instagrams, with the world. you are a true talent my friend. rest of us are just posers.

Malina Stanczak - you are too kind :)…made me blush…and this ^^^ is not true!!

summer morning

it was hot, really hot… and a little hazy. Just a usual summer morning in the  suburbs. If you live on the East coast you know what I mean. Muggy, hard to breathe, lazy type of weather. And I mentioned before how I and heat don’t have a good relationship. Usually- that is. But give me two beautiful kids, and their stunning, catalog worthy mom and dad (and I don’t even dare to mention the grandparents!) and i can sweat bullets all day, to exhaustion and not let one complaint out. I could do it all the time. And here are some pictures to prove – no, not the heat, the beauty. Lovely family. Thank you for braving the heat with me.


Agnieszka Rzymek - suuuper

Malina Stanczak - dzięęęki Aga! xo


scary what I let my kid do. No, I’m not a parkour coach and I’m not prepared but I know I was doing it on a small futon-like daybed when I was little. And I think a king size bed is much safer than his bed, or our lawn or  concrete pavement… at least for now. And yes I caught him doing this , I didn’t stop him but grabbed my camera and snapped away. Scary? – heck yes, but oh so much fun 🙂

Edyta - Malinaaaaa ale masz cyrkowca i akrobate w domu 😉

Malina - No naprawde – juz niedługo go zapiszemy do wędrownej trupy i będzie z głowy 😉 jeszcze tylko coś dla Marysi trzeba wymyślić 😀

Piano teach extraordinaire! - I think you are flipping out – but I do love your pics!

Malina - Dear Piano Teacher Extraordinaire (!!) – as we both know my “flipping out” happened long time ago ;), now it’s just flipping (let’s leave “out” out of it)and Kuba is performing 😀

Monika Rybak - Piekny i zdolny!

somewhat alike

I’ve always dreamt of a twin sister – all the pranks we could pull off together; the easy life at school, studying only half as hard;  your best friend always by your side, having your back at all times… But dreams rarely come true so I had to stay a “pest of a sister”(her words not mine) to my older one. And to tell you the truth I never thought it was fair – she had a head start after all and I felt like I never could catch up. So I always felt it was different with twins. They are identical. None has a head start – or maybe just by 5 minutes. They look alike, they act alike, they are alike…or are they? Meet these two sweet preschoolers. Despite the fact that they share the same genes and are quite indistinguishable at first glance they really are two unique individuals. And although I couldn’t really tell them apart when we met for the first, or the second, or the third time , ( and probably still couldn’t), and despite different outfits had problems calling each girl the right name (how embarrassing) they really seemed different. One is more reserved and quiet, and her more outgoing sister looks up to her, waits for advice and decisions, or an OK to start some shenanigans. It looks like they have a wonderful relationship, something more than “ordinary” sisters have, a special, intangible,  unexplainable bond , true BFFs 🙂

Malina Stanczak

Monika MM - Such a lovely post… cute girls, photographed so nicely

Malina - Thanks Monia 🙂