Raksha Bandhan

To be a part of an event like this was truly inspiring – a tradition I had never encountered before and probably will never have another chance to photograph. It was a beautiful, love and joy filled event, something that I’ll remember always. Raksha Bandhan – a Hindu festival celebrating a special bond between brothers and sisters. The sister ties a rakhi (holy thread) on her brother’s wrist and he in return presents her with a gift and vows to forever protect her. Then they feed each other sweets. What a wonderful tradition and one that I would, without any hesitance, impose on my kids right away. At least that is what I thought I should do, since my kids are at the age when it seems the only feelings they have for each other are anger and hatred, and maybe just some annoyance on a better day. What a great reminder the memory would be of love and affection they once had for each other. Hope one day it will return to normal i.e. healthy/loving siblings’ relationship.

Jessica Klaus - LOVE these!

Malina Stanczak - Thanks Jessica 🙂

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