Monthly Archives: July 2012

somewhat alike

I’ve always dreamt of a twin sister – all the pranks we could pull off together; the easy life at school, studying only half as hard;  your best friend always by your side, having your back at all times… But dreams rarely come true so I had to stay a “pest of a sister”(her words […]

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rooms are inspiring, at least to me. They tell so much about their inhabitants – some decorations, collections of knickknacks and important things, books read and yet to be read, or written, sheet music piled up on a bookcase, animal collection on a window sill, beloved instrument on the floor, trophies, a doll family stuck […]

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playing in the rain

It’s been hot…really hot. The heat and I don’t mesh well. I’ve been craving rain, and so did our little backyard vegetable garden. Our tomatoes were thirsty, and the cucumbers refused to grow into their usual oblong shape… We stayed at home a lot and we  went to the pool, but when even the pool […]

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