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I have a child who’s shy. And camera shy too. I don’t mind. I don’t care. As long as he lets me take pictures like the ones below.

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something different

I love drizzle, fog, rain, haze. Well as long as I’m staying dry and cozy at home or …going on a photo adventure. And as much as I hate Polish weather, being as meteoropathic as I am that’s quite understandable,  I must admit I love how it photographs. I’m partial to the mood it creates. […]

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by dance and movement. I’m in awe when I see people dance, move in a controlled way that only dancers (and ninjas) can. All muscles in full rein, body parts easily cooperating with other body parts unlike mine, untrained and awkward. I love to see those moments in between poses, fleeting and hard to see […]

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